Break Into The Kitchen


Patagonia has decided to tackle rethinking our food chain. In the process of creating a new line of delicious, responsibly sourced food. The parent company has significant brand awareness and affinity, but when you think Patagonia, you don’t think food. 

“Inside out” was born. Our goal was to gain acceptance and build authority from the core retail customers. Start with our best ambassadors and give them the tools to prosthelytize to other like minded friends and family. 

A campaign was launched around anti-gift gifting for Christmas titled “Made to Share”. Anti-consumerism campaign in a time of consumption and abundance. Instead of buying items just to satisfy a need for reciprocity, why not gift an item that showcased your values and enticed people to get outside? The more people outside, the more the product comes into use. The more clout Patagonia has to inform farming methods. This lays the foundation to become more than a use case. Next is to move into the kitchen. 




Patagonia Provisions


26 October, 2019


Food, Retail, Ecommerce