Create New Habits


Full-strength beer was just approved in Grocery stores. Odell wanted to quickly strike while consumers were building new routines around the beer aisle. As habits and shopping lists form, it was vital to be part of the subconscious shopping routine. That has to start with a more impulsive picking of Odell off the shelf of 50 competitors.  

A custom store list informed our geo-targeting strategy as shoppers tend to be tribal and have 2-3 favorite stores. Past purchase data would have usually been a great place to start, but real beer drinkers didn’t buy in grocery, Colorado had pushed those buyers to liquor stores so they could evaluate more craft options (read: good for craft brewers to compete). 

We developed custom segments based on who our “MVP Customers” were. We then traced back to locations those MVPs would visit (concert venues, NHL games, etc) and bought location-based data of people who had attend events at those locations (e.g Red Rocks, Pepsi Center) and overlaid psychographic predictors of openness or willingness to try a new/different brand. 

Tracking was installed to measure those who saw or clicked on an ad and if they went into a grocery or liquor store within 7 days.

SUPPLY // Odell Sippin' Pretty



Odell Brewing


07 November, 2019


Alcohol, Retail, Branding