Delivering Goodness


Modern Market is establishing a new restaurant category, fast-fine that is not established in the Denver market.  The made from scratch, in-house concept recently went through a name change and has low awareness in the market.  They had recently been running small, social-only campaigns and weren’t sure what to do next. They wanted to run a campaign in the summer to pour gas on their best season of the year, generating buzz around a concept that’s hard to understand. 

We partnered with DoorDash and run a free delivery promotion to kick-start the campaign and drive momentum. Selected a market with the highest concentration of stores.  Used a customer activation strategy, driving an additional, incremental visit from an existing customer via recency and frequency tactics. Targeted new customers during lunch and dinner dayparts, using solo/group insights, radius targeting, employer data, family targets and competitor data to incite hunger.  





Modern Market


22 October, 2019


Food, Ecommerce, Branding