Style as a System (SaaS)


How do you introduce a new generation to Eileen Fisher, many of whom had never heard of the company. 

Or the namesake founder and her incredible story. 

In addition, their “System” of pieces that can be mixed and matched so a woman can focus more on what matters and less on what to wear in the morning, is a concept as novel today as when it was first introduced. 

We introduced “Style as a System” to an Instagram generation built on Fast Fashion and driven by novelty.  We used forward-leaning premium publishing partners who push the envelope on what fashion means from a corporate responsibility standpoint as well as cultural relevance. We co-produced high impact units that drove a 16% brand lift with our target audience and positioned Eileen Fisher in a new light. 

Implementing custom triggers along their journey of discovery about Eileen and the System, allowed us to know when to serve up specific content that would further their relationship with the brand while helping to close the gap to purchase. Dynamic retargeting at the product level had CTRs 6x higher than industry and led 2,094% ROAS.





1 November, 2019


Architecture, Digital Art